Top 5 SEO trends to watch out for in 2019

We all need a few seconds to make a decision that either you want to stay or leave the website. For every online business, their website is the image of the company or brand that they are showing to people. It has to be flawless. Even after making everything perfect, if you are still not ranking on Google then you need to up your game. 

New SEO trends are surfacing these days. You need to know these trends that are an important part of any online business to rank higher on Google. Here come SEO services, who aims at making an online presence for your business and off course get a high search engine rank. Here are the top trends and considerations for a website to boost up your business towards the steps of success-

1.    Mobile Indexing

In simple words, mobile indexing means having a mobile version of your website. Google rank those websites who are responsive ie mobile friendly. Nowadays most of the internet users use smartphones for their searches so having a mobile-friendly website helps a website rank high on search engines.

2.    Voice search 

Applications like Siri or Google Assistance has set a new trend of voice search. With the increase in the number of voice search on smartphones, tablets and other devices, voice search is the part of SEO future. If your website is optimised for voice search then it will help your website to rank better for that specific keyword and increase internet traffic on your website.

3.    Visual Content

Visual content on your website makes a more lasting impact on the viewers who visit your website. Well written content is an extremely important part of SEO but nowadays visual content also matters. Using visual content is a great marketing strategy for any online business. To make your website more search engine friendly use images or videos and deliver an engaging content that will make viewers visit your website again and again.

4.    Page Speed 

50% of the people abandon those websites whose load time takes more than 4 seconds. Google generate Optimisation score which test the website on how fast it can load on the devices. According to that Google rank those website high who have a lower load time. 

Having a slow website will only hurt your business search engine rankings. So its right time to make sure your website is optimised for speed and gives a good user experience.

5.  Micro formats or Schema

In a nutshell, micro formats are a small HTML pattern that tells information about a website. For better and accurate ranking on search engines, more information is needed about your website. Additional use of micro format includes making your content more appealing so as to entice more clicks from the users by adding labels and tags to your content. With increase in clicks, ROI will also increase and enhance the SEO signals to Google.


In 2019, new SEO trends will bring enrich user experience and high quality content with new twists and turns. With rise in completion among business and millions of results per keywords, SEO services is what you need for a successful business. 

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