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Hi ! My name is Deepak Bhardwaj. I am one of the leading SEO expert in India with 6+ years of experience. I am a computer science engineer who is passionate about search engine optimisation. 


From my college days I was passionate about search engine optimisation but never thought of working in this domain. During this time i got attracted towards SEO. Learned SEO on my own and started blogging.

Soon after my graduation , I worked as a .net developer in one of the startup of Delhi . Everything was going good but destiny had some other plans for me. After few months that company was closed and I lost my job. 


I was very depressed in the beginning as it was my first job. Few days later I received a call from my friend who was an HR in a company. She knew about SEO expertise and offered me a job as an SEO expert. 


Job was  low paying and I was offered a salary of Rs 5000 per month.  I thought it as a good opportunity to follow my passion. I accepted the job offer. And from there my SEO journey started. I spend some years working as a digital marketing consultant in leading startups of Delhi and after started my own venture.


There is no looking back after that.Now I am one of the leading digital marketing consultant in Delhi who heads a team of 5 people. I have  also helped many international and national clients get first page position on Google. Know more about my affordable  SEO packages or request a free quote to get started.

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Having your SEO Services managed properly and intelligently will save you a lot of money and time. My goal is to increase your leads, calls and sales through SEO services done right. You need a seo expert you can trust. An expert that has amazing customer service, a massive list of successful case studies and is constantly recognised as being ahead of the curve in digital marketing. That’s me. Nice to meet you, let’s chat.


Research shows that 91% of people who search google for a product or services never go past first page of Google. Want to sell your product or services ? You need to be showing on that first page ! 

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