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Are you looking for SEO expert in Delhi India to get first page ranking in google ? If your answer is Yes, then your search ends here.Hiring a professional seo expert in Delhi India can help you save time and money. I don't make false promises, I deliver results.Check my SEO results to see my past work.
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Deep Bhardwaj is delhi based leading SEO expert in India with 6+ years of experience in Digital marketing.After leaving my job, I am working as a Full time  SEO Freelancer in India.

There is a good chance that you came on this website from search engines. is on the First page of Google for many competitive keywords.Some of them are : seo expert India, SEO consultant in India, SEO expert Delhi, SEO consultant in Delhi, SEO Freelancer in India, SEO freelancer in Delhi, freelance seo expert India and many more.

I am not bragging here about my achievements, but I want to convey just one thing. Search engine optimisation is not rocket science. It is possible to rank for any keyword with, proper seo planning and marketing strategies . You need to hire a dedicated seo freelancer who can help you with the right seo strategy.

In search engine optimization industry everyone calls themselves best SEO Freelancer BUT most of them don’t have any real SEO results to show. See Case study page for my past SEO results.

My search engine optimization services have helped many business get first page ranking on Google.Your business can be next. Call me now at +91-9650381400 to Get Free SEO consulting worth INR 999.

SEO expert in India

Effective Search engine optimisation services for top rankings

Search engine optimisation increases your online visibility and brings in prospective buyers who are looking for your services or products. Search engine optimisation is a reward for online business marketing. It Creates a visible impact on the sales number and hence increases the profit figures for your organisation.

As a leading SEO freelancer in India, I help businesses to get better visibility in search engines. Having a good website is first step towards a good SEO strategies.Our freelance web designer helps you in creating a responsive and SEO friendly website.From making your website search engine friendly to creating a good link building strategy, My main aim is to provide your business an upward thrust with the integrated approach for the digital marketing so that people recognise it. My result oriented SEO services will help you top the SEO google ranking results and attract organic traffic.

SEO is complicated but not my services. The primary motive of my SEO services is to help your business get more traffic from search engine. Let’s work together to grow your business online using search engine optimization Services.While optimising your website we do following activities:

SEO audit

It all starts with an in-depth SEO analysis of your website. We do a thorough review of your site and send you detailed seo report. This in-depth SEO analysis report will give help you understand seo related errors which are affecting your search engine rankings. We will work closely with your website designer or web designing team to remove all these errors to make your website search engine friendly.

Competitive analysis

If you know your competitors, You are halfway there. Competitive analysis is a very important part of seo campaign which is often overlooked by best SEO experts in India and agencies. We study your top competitors to find their strength and weakness. This will help us in preparing a good marketing seo strategy to outrank them. We use many paid competitive analysis tool to make our task easier.

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After studying your competitors, our next step is to find good profitable keywords which will drive sales to your website. From your requirement and recommendations, we will suggest keywords which will increase traffic on your site. This is the most important part of any SEO strategy and we have a good expertise and tools to find top keywords for your business.

on page optimisation

If we have to define on page optimisation is one word then we will call it making your website search engine friendly. After finding great keywords, it’s now time to optimise your website for these keywords. On page optimisation includes meta tags creation, creating a title, heading and description for your site. We will also maximise website images and content for your pages to make it search engine friendly. It also involves setting up google analytics and google search console to track SEO progress.

Link building

If you want to outrank your competitors, you must have good links pointing to your website. This is the most important SEO factor for ranking your website on google. Since it’s the most important step, we give extra attention to it. We create authoritative backlinks to our website keeping in mind google webmaster guidelines. We study your competitors and after analysing your industry, We draft a custom SEO link building strategy for your website for maximum results.

SEO reporting

Being a leading SEO expert in India,I believe in keeping my client up to date with SEO progress. This helps me to build trust and long term relationship with them. I believe that clients should have complete knowledge of all the work done on your website. we provide reports after every 15 days to keep you updated about the progress on your website. However, you can contact me anytime to know about the current process.

Hire me before your competitor !

Search engine optimization is not a cost but an investment which can provide long term benefits to your business. Your business is your online asset, Make sure you hire best SEO expert in India to take care of it.

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Appear on First page of Google with best SEO Consultant in Delhi India

SEO is different from what it used to be a few years back. With search engines getting smarter day by day, You can not rely on outdated SEO techniques still used by many SEO consultant in Delhi . One single mistake could ruin your chances of getting first-page ranking.

From small local shop to Fortune 500 companies, everyone needs Search engine optimisation services to appear on the first page of Google.

Having your SEO managed properly can save you a lot of money and time. For this you need a SEO consultant in India who is experienced, has good work ethics, great support and sound knowledge of the industry.

We offer unmatched SEO services that help your business gain a better online presence.Be on top of search engine by outranking your competitors — Even for highly competitive keywords like SEO expert in Delhi.

If you are looking for result oriented SEO company in Delhi to outrank your competitors, then your search ends here. Hire us as seo specialist and see the difference I can make to your business.

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To get better results, your business needs personal attention. Being a Freelance seo expert , I will be able to provide more personal care than a fancy SEO agency. I work as a part of your team to help you succeed. 

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Why I need SEO Expert ?

If you are having an online business and want more traffic from google then you need to hire a SEO expert. SEO expert analyse, review and optimise your website to help you get more traffic from google.

Who is the best SEO expert in the India ?

Everyone call themselves best SEO expert but I would recommend you to check past SEO results delivered by them.Deep Bhardwaj is the best SEO expert in India as he has a 6+ years of experience and delivered good results to clients.

Do you guarantee SEO results ?

I simple answer is NO. No one can guarantee ranking in google as no SEO expert or company controls the google algorithms. I would strictly advice you to stay away from SEO experts who promises guaranteed results.Google itself says that you should stay away from SEO consultants or companies who promises you guaranteed results.However based on my experience I can provide you an estimate time in which you can get best results.

When we can expect first page ranking on Google ?

This depends from industry to industry and keyword to keywords. If competition is more than it will take more time and if competition is less than you can even easily. Usually you start getting good results from SEO in 3-4 months.

Which is better SEO or SEM ?

Both are good services and can help you to grow your business. It basically depend on your requirement.SEO takes time to deliver good results and its worth it .You have to invest some time to get good results.On the other hand you can pay money for ads and star getting traffic immediately. Choose SEO if you want organic traffic and want to grow your business as a brand.

What Quality should I look in a SEO Expert ?

If you are looking to hire a SEO expert, I would recommend checking his experience and past SEO results delivered by him. Check out our case studies to see our past work.

How SEO Can Help Me Double Up Sales ?

SEO helps you to get more traffic from google and increase your sales. Once your website is on first page of google then you can get a lot of targeted customers resulting in more sales.

What are your SEO Plans ?

Our SEO plan starts from Rs 8000 for 10 keywords. Check out more details about our SEO packages.Depending on your requirement and budget choose a plan. In case you need any help in deciding a good SEO packages, then reach our to us .

Do you offer any Discount on SEO packages ?

Yes, we do. If you sign up for 3 months SEO package then you can avail 10% extra discount.Usually SEO services takes 3-4 months time to give good results.You should sign up for 3 months contract to save money.

How are your SEO services different ?

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