Why Is Content Creation So Important For SEO ?

According to the most recent survey by webmasters on the internet, it has been noticed that websites with more content are getting ranked regularly. You might think that what about quality? Well, quality is always above than quantity; the case is the same with content too. If you’re writing poor quality content but have 100 of articles and if you’ve 10 articles, but each article is up to the mark, then it’s pretty obvious that your article will rank, and so your website. Many of the people (who’re just new to the digital era) have queries like is Search Engine Optimization services and Content Writing same ?

If you’re also searching for the answer, then the straightforward answer is a big NO. But once you go through this article, you’ll get to eliminate the misconception quite smoothly. The mainline of confusion is Content Writing and SEO are neither same nor different. Fortunately, their properties overlap, somehow. It’s like SEO wants the content to get ranked, and Content Writing provides that content where SEO works.

Even if you ask any of the SEO expert in India or anywhere globally, you’ll get to know the near-about same answers. Search Engine Optimization wants to optimize content because the content won’t rank without it.Since Google and other search engines have been working on multiple algorithms to improve the quality of results, so if your content is not having quality, you won’t get ranked.But still, you can take help of paid-marketing as PPC Campaigns and all by which you can get traffic. 

Suppose you’re from India, then you should hire an SEO expert in India or say globally, as they’re going to help you out to get organic results. Though paid marketing is an immeasurable way of getting instant traffic and leads, SEO is a long-lasting methodology.

Without further delay, let us look at why content is essential.

Growing Audience

We know that Digital Marketing aims to grow brand identity. So how do you build your brand? Of course, by increasing the audience.You should write content that appeals to the audience, as they’re your prospective customers.

Connecting with Brands

Whensoever you visit any social media page of any brand, you’ll notice that their posts are refined and polished. You should follow the same procedure, as it is going to increase brand identity and credibility.The authenticity of your website can also be measured by backlinks you have. Say 10 useful, authoritative websites giving you a backlink, means that you’re good enough to rank.The more trustworthiness you create, the more conversion you get.

Increase Visibility

When you publish content, and once you optimise it, your reach and visibility on search engines increase rapidly.As because, once you’ve got the visibility and exposure, your content will bring millions of users and traffic to your site, and then you can target those users to be a factor of your conversion.Millions of articles are posted and shared every day, not all the articles are seen, but you can increase that case by dropping quality content.

Increase conversion rates

As already mentioned, the content is the centric point of attention. If you’ve focused users and made the article what user wants to read, you must get what you’ve expected for.You will only share good quality content. Likewise, other people will do the same. If you post quality content, they’ll surely share it with other audiences. Be patient and work on quality. More share means more visibility leading to more conversions.

“Once your content is Audience-Centric with proper implementation of SEO, you don’t have to wait for traffic; the traffic will flow automatically.” – Deepak Bhardwaj (SEO Expert in India)


So finally, once you’ve got content, you’ll have the place to implement the SEO tactics, that is going to increase the revenue for any business.You still have enough chances of getting ranked on search results; you should focus on the quality content and creation.Suppose, a visitor wants to buy a refrigerator. They come to you for a small-sized refrigerator that fits their small household, but you keep blabbering about this latest full-sized refrigerator in the market that is taking on the market.What you did wrong here was not understanding the customer requirements. A large oven won’t fit their household, and here you lose a potential customer.

So focus on the need of the customer, not your personal needs.

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