How Google Rank brain improves SEO ?

In 2015, Google announced to use RankBrain as one of the three most important ranking factors. RankBrain is an algorithm learning artificial intelligence which is used to enhance search results. Google process search results and provide more relevant search results for the users.

If Rank brain comes across a word it isn’t familiar with then it shows similar results by guessing the keyword or phrase. It provides filtered results accordingly, which makes it easy for Google to handle query or keywords never seen before. It attempts guess want people means and show results accordingly for better user experience.

It just doesn’t stop there. RankBrain also checks whether the results shown to you are satisfactory or not. By measuring your interaction with them, it determines whether the search results are relevant.

Here are the tips by which the best SEO expert in India use RankBrain for advantage in SEO-

1.    Create your content wisely

Another reason for you to make your content as useful as possible is RankBrain. Human will judge your website on the basis of content you provide for your readers. If your content is good and loved by visitors then Rankbrain will take notice. It will rank you high on search results.

2.    Keyword Research on

Keywords are the central element of SEO. Search Engines depends on the keywords to find your content and rank you accordingly. So search your keywords and make a list of what people are searching for. Concentrate more on user intent keyword as focus keywords. This will help RankBrain to figure out alternative results for the same query for which could rank for.

3.    Use LSI keywords

LSI refers to Latent Semantic Indexing which means Google is using keywords related to your main topic to further understand what your post is about. Google RankBrain SEO focal point is content and finding relevant searches for people.

Related keywords make it easier for RankBrain to figure out more about your content. You can include them with your main keywords. By that, you can support your main keywords and at the same time rank for those keywords as well.

4.    Focus on CTR

CTR means click through rate. Click through rate is the number of people who click on a hyperlink to the total number of people who view a page that leads them to the intended website.

If your content is not good or your website is too slow, then your CTR will drop. Readers will not come back to your site and your search engine ranking will drop. RankBrain improves the quality of search results keeping user satisfaction as the focus.

As RankBrain learns from humans, make sure that people click on your link. Higher CTR is a success factor for SEO.

Final Thought-

If you want to rank high on the Google, then optimise for RankBrain. Best SEO services in India take the point of all the above tips to optimise your website and content for SEO. The best SEO expert in India knows all strategies and methods to get first-page ranking. 

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