Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2020

Google Ranking Factors

As you might know, Google has the tendency to change its search algorithms constantly, and it’s hard to keep up with these rapid changes. It requires you to follow those changes and update them as soon as possible; otherwise, your site will be easily outranked by other competitions. While you have to learn about how to adapt your strategies to recent changes that might be quite complicated, In this blog let us show you some of the top Google ranking factors in 2020.

A website is very easy to build, but creating popularity and increasing its traffic is a challenging task. The traffic for a website is nothing without visitors that visits the website over a period of time. The more the visitors, much popular the site becomes. 

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The foundation of robust SEO Techniques should be developed prior to the website design stage by an SEO Specialist. The combination of a professional web designer and SEO professional working in tandem will result in an effective Internet platform.

1. Quality Link Building 

Businesses can reach the top by targeting good keywords on the website and excellent link building features. Acquiring a good position in the search engine is quite difficult. A lot of useful thinking and hard work need to be incorporated to earn the topmost ranking in search engines.

One must be able to determine the type of link building, anchor text, target arena of the link, text attached to the link, and the location of the link for getting good exposure. 

Natural links building is a crucial Google ranking factor in 2020. 

There are three kinds of links –

  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links

The search engine utilizes inbound links as one approach to help decide how definitive and essential your content is.

An ideal situation is when an authoritative gives you to link from its web page on a relevant piece of information. If a Moz incorporates a link to your content, that will be seen better than a new website with a low-quality site connects to it.

You need to have not very many inbound links from low-quality sites. Simultaneously, you need to show that you’re making quality write-ups and connecting to a significant influencer in your niche.

Also, internal links from within site help in indexing of various web pages. In all, avoid links from low-quality sites and try to get links from reputable sites.

2. Search Engine Friendly URL

Using keywords for a website or blog within the URL is a technique commonly referred to as a making search engine friendly URL. In simple terms, it means when someone looks at the domain name and presumes what content it all about. It’s also easy to remember. Thus allowing the visitor to have a better understanding of the website can increase your website’s rankings. 

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In this technique, we make the URL as much relevant to the content as possible. The degree of relevance determines the success rates with an enhanced ranking of a specific website. 

Therefore, the placement of keywords in the URL is the best possible way for an SEO expert to improve a site’s rank on Google. It is not only browser-friendly but also search engine friendly. This helps the search engine bots and crawlers to index the content more easily.

3. Relevant, optimized, and unique content

Relevant and optimized content creation is critical for drafting effective digital marketing strategies and is the key to the implementation of organic search engine optimization services. It should always be unique and focused directly on the product or services that are being promoted.

Google has the task of indexing the enormous amounts of information that is available on the internet. Search Results are displayed by a google search engine in the order of Relevance or Importance of content on the website.

Content also plays a specific role in organic website optimization. It can include Text, Video, or Images. It should be written naturally in order to be easily comprehendible by human visitors. Content marketing is the key to high conversion rates and Google ranking when marketing your goods and services on the internet. Content is king; as of now, it has become more significant in 2020.

4. Page speed and mobile-friendliness

The next most crucial ranking factor in 2020 is the speed of a website. Not surprising as the user experience trend is on the rise. Google wants to improve the user experience and give the best results to its users. A fast loading website is one of the top ways to do that.

Google, in 2018, also rolled out a new update that mostly focused on improving the mobile search of a website. If your website is not loading fast enough on mobile devices, then you will lose your precious first-page ranking even if your website is responsive.

Along with speed, your website should also be mobile-friendly. Recent studies have shown a growing trend of increasing mobile users and internet around the world. It is one of the major reasons behind Google changing its algorithms. More and more people are performing an internet search on smartphones, it’s obvious that your website should be optimized for speed as well as mobile phones.

5. On-page SEO 

Optimizing content for better web index rankings is one part of technical or on-page SEO. To know more about on-page SEO. Check out this detailed guide to on-page SEO by backlinko. Here are some more angles you have to take a look at in order to achieve better Google rankings-

  • You can utilize keywords in page titles. It is the place Google first hopes to figure out what your website is about. You’ll see the page title as the first line on the SERPs.
  • Use subheading tags like H1, H2, and H3 to show content order to make it more readable for people visiting your website.
  • Make a Meta depiction that compels people and incorporates your search term.  Keep it short and catchy as you have only 160 characters to persuade people to open this post.
  • Use keywords in alt tags to show how the pictures are significant to your content. Google additionally has the image search option, which is another route for individuals to find your website.
  • Where it’s fitting, use scheme markup. It tells Google what sort of content you’re creating.
  • Optimize your content with keywords throughout it. Keywords must naturally fit into your content.

6. User Experience (RankBrain) 

What is the user experience? User experience means a person’s perception resulting from the use and or anticipated use of a product or service. In another way, user experience is all about your viewers’ feelings when visiting your site. Check out our guide on google rank brain here

Nowadays, if your online business wants to stay competitive, you need to be investing in user experience. You might have heard about two famous algorithms Panda and Penguin of Google, which is established and developed to penalize those sites having low-quality content and backlinks as well.

From the birth of this algorithm, Google has shown its concern about user experience. Google wants content marketers to think about their audiences first, and to make sure that the content being presented provides value instead of being purely promotional or sale-driven. 

For some time now, Google’s been utilizing Rankbrain to rank website pages. This incorporates different things that influence your site’s rankings. These are:

  • Click through rate – the level of individuals who visit your site after your website shows up on the google search engine results page.
  • Bounce rate – the number of individuals who skip away once more, which essentially implies your site didn’t give them what they needed.
  • Dwell time – the amount of time spent on your site by a visitor.

If you want to increase your dwell time and decrease the bounce rate, then enhancing user experience is necessary. It will ultimately improve your website’s rankings.

7. Domain factor

According to a recent Aherf study, 60% of websites on the first page of search engines are more than three years old. There studied two million web pages, and the result was very few domains less than a year old achieved that rankings.

Moz has introduced page authority and domain authority score, which tells the credibility of a web page on the search engine. Higher the DA and PA of your website, more likely it will rank higher on Google. These are other important Google ranking factors in 2020.

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8. Social Signals

The impact of the social media revolution is seen and felt by one and all. In modern times, among cut-throat competitive markets, social media networks have emerged as a new platform for communication between business and its consumers. In quick response, the companies themselves updated to the new wave of changes and have incorporated social media networks to advertise and market their products and services.

Facebook helps people to find their friends, colleagues, relations residing all over the world. Wonderful bondage can be established between long lost people. This media also facilitate business promotion. 

People can form pages of their products and services and incorporate the pages wisely into this social networking media. A great amount of exposure is earned through this procedure.

Twitter gives any person the opportunity to post his views about anything existing in the world. One can spread his word through this remarkable media. Youtube allows anyone to upload any video about his product, service, hobby, and likes. 

Reaching out to many people can be made easy with the usage of such a facility. LinkedIn allows a person to come in contact with many people linked in various job sectors. It helps in finding jobs and setting up business relations with one another.

This is the power of social media platforms. Google’s word is that social media are not an immediate positioning element. Links from Twitter or Facebook aren’t considered the same as other reputable sites.

In any case, there’s no denying that the higher positioning in Google is likely because of the fact that the more your content is shared, the more individuals will see it and choose to connect to it. That implies that social signals help your internet searcher rankings, if just in a roundabout way.

What should we do now?

It is clear to see that focusing on various SEO techniques can bring positive results. If you intend to improve your site rankings, your traffic cannot grow in leaps and bounds; thus, it is highly recommended to invest your time and effort in:

•Creating high-quality content. The fact is, content is likely to affect your ranking significantly. A site with good content can achieve outstanding results without doing SEO. Furthermore, there is a high chance that people will find out about your site and link to it.

•Using social media platforms. With the rapid development of social networks, the ignorance of using them is a serious mistake. Make a plan on how to optimize your social platforms, in the long run; your site will be rank better.

•Don’t be overhasty. SEO is not a game that ends up within several minutes; it’s a long way to go. Do not focus on growing too fast, just take everything step by step. Be slow, be patient. Invest energy in building quality things that can deliver value to your customers.

•Keep track of the changes in Google. As you might know that Google is really famous for its ever-changing nature; it required you to update those changes instantly. Take a look around to find out which ranking factors are important and what lead you to be penalized by Google.

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These were some of the most important ranking factors of Google in 2020. Make sure to follow these tips and see your ranking skyrocket. For more information, you can contact Deep Bhardwaj, a leading SEO expert in India. With our 6+ years of experience, we have helped many businesses to get more traffic from search engine. Your business can be next. Hire us and see the difference we can provide to your business. Request a free SEO quote today.

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