What Is Seo And How It Works?

What is SEO and how it works ?

SEO is known as search engine optimisation and it is the main logic behind the ranking of various websites you see on search engines platforms like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing. In short, it can also be defined as a digital marketing strategy which helps to bring the quality and quantity traffic of any website.

For many of the business, SEO can be boring at the start, but after you learn it can be fun and easy to implement. The optimization part of SEO is made of steps that are taken to rank a website higher on search engine and hence take advantage of free organic traffic.

What is SEO?

As long as you follow the proper steps and implement your strategies, you will notice good outcomes.SEO helps to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic coming to a website through organic searches. The best way you can understand SEO is by breaking it down into several steps

Marketing technique

In order to be successful and have an edge over your competition, it is necessary for you to understand SEO is important to your marketing efforts as in this way only you can drive traffic to your website. More traffic will lead to more sales and conversions as well as more revenue. You need content for marketing that not only liked by your readers but also resonates with your brand and indexed easily by the search engines.

Technical Task

SEO is the cumulation of various on-page and off-page techniques that optimizes your content and website if you are looking to get the most traffic. There is a technical aspect to SEO which is highly sought by businesses because the ROI they bring is better than other types of advertising.

Quality of traffic

You can attract various types of visitors from around the world, but they are coming to your website because search engine tells them you are selling mobile phones when you are actually laptops seller, that is not quality traffic. SEO helps to grab the attention of people who genuinely are looking for your services.

Quantity of traffic

once you have started pulling people who actually wants your services, more traffic is better. For this, you have to attain a high position on search engines.

How SEO work?

When someone searches for a query on search engines, they are usually represented with the results which have a series of websites that are similar to the search query entered. Also, the websites on the first page of the search engines have solid domain authority over other low ranking websites.

For example, you are looking for the best SEO services; the top results are the one who implemented the best SEO strategies in Google eyes. It is possible by the help of advanced crawlers which gather data including content on every website on search engines. This creates an index for sites that is then compared to the algorithms that search engines have built for search engine optimisation.

Though it can be quite complex for the new people when it comes to different factors affecting the rankings, the basic is quite easy to understand. In order to provide the best services to the users, search engines deliver only high-quality and best results to the first page.

The results should also be relevant to the search query entered by the users. To do this, search engine scan, crawl, and index, different websites thoroughly to understand what each site is about.

The search engine is programs that crawl ever web page of a website. To perform a number of activities to bring the best search results to the users. Let’s see how this cycle works-


Every search engine has software called spider (for Google it is Googlebot), whose function is to crawl web pages. For the spider, it is not possible to crawl websites daily to see if new pages have appeared or updates made to the old ones. After the first crawl, it might not visit your web page again for months. Also keep in mind that spider doesn’t crawl images, flash animations and JavaScript. So if you have a majority of these in your site, it’s better to remove them. Those images which are not viewable will not be crawled or indexed.


After crawling the web pages, Spider stores all the indexed information in a database from which it can retrieve it when the keywords are entered on the search engine. This is the everyday work of a search engine. It searches its database for delivering the best results to the users. Since there are more than thousands of websites with the same keywords, search engine measures the relevancy of those web pages and matches it with entered keywords.


You must have heard about Google algorithms. It is the word which is often thrown around while talking about search engine rankings and SEO. You might be wondering what does it actually mean. It is the main reason behind the ranking of a website on the search engine. It searches through millions of websites based upon the keywords entered, sorts through each site and URLs that match with keywords entered and revert websites that a searcher is looking for. The algorithms of Google keep on changing, so SEO expert has to be aware of these changes in order to maintain or improve their rankings.

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Which factors affect SEO?

Whether you are trying to learn more about SEO or want high rankings of your website on Google or improve your site’s SEO, there are many on-page and off-page SEO techniques that search engines take into account before ranking any website.

Do you know, there are more than a thousand Google ranking factors that can affect the ranking of any website, but the good news for you is that with the help of a reliable SEO expert like Deep Bhardwaj,  you can easily improve your website’s ranking by working on them. 

Domain Authority or DA

It is a metric used by SEO agencies that shows how much trust your domain has over time since its inception and how many backlinks are there. If more websites talk about or link to yours, the higher domain authority your site has. Similar is true for the age of the site, the older is your domain, higher authority it has.

A domain name is another relevant factor which when combined with the main keywords will yield better results. For example, if your website name is SEOcompanyIndia.com, then it will more likely rank better than other domains names for SEO company-related search query. Also, the short domain names tend to outperform the ones with the long name.

You can also increase your domain authority by link building method for your website and rank higher on various search engines. Read our article to find the best tricks to improve your domain authority


SEO services begin by picking the correct keywords for your business. Keyword research is necessary to know what are your intended customers are searching for. The best keywords are choosing according to your industry niche and help in content creation related to the keywords. 

The right keywords and phrases will improve the organic traffic of your business by using the most relevant keywords. Usually, the SEO expert picks a medium to low competition keywords and then build your content and competition around them.

In order to rank on the first page of the search engine, you should include LSI keywords, which are synonyms to your search query. For instance, your company is of web designing; you can also include search terms like web agency, freelance web designing company and so on. Ensure to include all your keywords in the page title of the website and in all your content for best on-page optimisation.

Inbound and outbound links

For getting a better SEO score, it’s crucial to get more relevant links to your pointing website from a reputable source. The inbound links are more favoured in SEO, easily when they come from high domain authority and popular source. You can get good quality backlinks from getting featured on a big website for example.

Website load time

Google and your users only care about how fast your website can load, so ensure to come up to the expectations of your audience. There are various ways by which you can speed up your website like compressing images, using fewer codes, caching plugins or use a content delivery network to show your content in a fast way.

Clean and responsive web design

Nowadays, the websites are considered best if they have clean code and responsive web design which can be opened in all types of devices of different screen size. According to the new Google update, it ranks those websites higher which have a mobile-friendly web design than those who don’t have it. So make sure to invest in responsive web sites only as it has become the need of the hour.  

Content Marketing

Content for a website is important for both search engines and the audience of a business which helps in making a connection with the website visitors. The more quality and relevant content you deliver, the more likely the search engines will position your website high on SERPs.

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The secret to being successful at content creation is optimizing it for both search engines and human readers. The types of content you can focus on in order to increase your rankings are blog posts, social media content, e-books, articles, infographics and so on.

It is believed that in order to improve your rankings, you need to publish content regularly. Yes, continually posting content is beneficial for the rankings, and building brand awareness, but it is not the only thing you need to consider.  When it comes to increasing the rank on the search engines, the quality of the content you publish is also a vital factor, same as the consistency. 

This point comes in handy when you are trying to rank for the common or highly competitive keywords. The content we publish for your website is always fresh, relevant and original. Quality content will get noticed by the search engine much faster. It will also help to grab the attention of people and they may even make a purchase.

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On-Page SEO

In this SEO, we take into account those elements which happen on your website. Here you have complete control over every element ie, you can either add, remove or improve those elements over time. Here are a few SEO factors that will help you enhance your site’s rankings

Meta Description

 It tells search engine and web users about what your website is all about to get a better understanding of a web page. It should include the keywords of the web page and offer details about the content you have on your website.

Internal Linking

Building links which are internal to the other web pages of your site can be highly beneficial for the ranking of your website. You can link other articles and web pages on other pages of your website which has content relevant to it. Read our article to know more about Importance Of Internal Linking In SEO And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them

Image Name and Alt or Title Tag

In case, you are using images in your post or web page content, then you can also include keywords in the image name and its alt tag. It will help Google to index your images efficiently and can appear on image search done by the user.

URL structure

Make sure your URL structures of the web pages are not dynamic and easier the URL, better for people and search engines to understand it. The dynamic structure of URL has numbers and symbols which do not get indexed easily by Google crawlers. Go for keywords in the URL structure of a web page and ensure it is short and understandable by users and search engines alike.

Off-Page SEO

Other than the on-page SEO, you can also focus on off-page elements to improve the ranking of your web site. One of the most common ways to go off-page SEO is link building. It takes time to build a good with other reputable websites who want to link back to your site with the help of quality and relevant content. Another off-page SEO is social media indicators such as a number of shares, comments, and likes you have on your social media channels. 


Over the years digital marketing has become one of the most important strategies for any online business. This process of marketing includes every form of online marketing strategies. The main idea behind hiring an SEO company is to make sure that your website is found by its target audience. You need to find the Right SEO Company For Your Online Visibility

Your business can only be found and recognized if it is on the first page of the search engines. So the better your search engine optimization is, more is the chances of your site ranking high on Google, and hence more web users will visit.

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