What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of SEO ?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of SEO ?

SEO Advantages and Disadvantages

Though social media marketing is now ruling online marketing, SEO is still as vital as it was earlier. If you are looking for a powerful tool for your business’s internet marketing plan, SEO is the first choice that many experts will suggest to you. But while SEO is known to have a range of advantages, there are also some disadvantages of which you should remain careful. Ideally, it is crucial to check out both cons and pros of SEO services to understand them better.

Advantages of SEO

Here are some of the pros of SEO that have provided help to many websites.

  • High ROI

A high Return on Investment or ROI is something that every client expects. SEO has always managed to meet up this expectation of the clients. Search engines attract those traffic most commonly that can get converted quite easily. This happens because most people who search for a particular product or service are sure they wish to buy it. So, the traffic searching for a product or service on the search engine is already in the process of getting converted. Now, if you provide these visitors with the right website links and quality products, they become potential customers of your brand. This can be understood by a report that stated that Google drove more than 57% of the total traffic in the year 2018.

  • Expand Your Reach

One of the most effective ways to expand your reach is through word of mouth. Of course, when more people are coming across your website, more people’s chances of getting interested in your brand increase. Many business owners do not realize the importance of local SEO with unique tools and unique SEO strategies. But local SEO and local listings have their own importance. This can be well-explained with the help of an example.

When you add up a location name with your business, the viewers from that particular location are focused—for example, Cake Shop London. Viewers from London are more focused, and when someone from this area enquires online for a cake shop, the website with this tagline comes up first on the inquiry list history. This helps you in getting good leads.

  • Lasting Results

SEO is known to offer you a much lasting result than any other channel such as social media or PPC campaigns. When you have started using digital marketing, you can be sure that the strategies will offer you a long-lasting result along with a much higher organic search to your website link resulting in getting more leads. Once you have acquired the desired amount of visibility on your website, you can turn to a maintenance mode to reduce your budget. Though the views may not keep on increasing, doing so will surely have a long-lasting result with the views that you already have on your website.

  • Higher conversion rate

Inbound activities such as digital marketing have always proven to offer a much higher conversion rate. As per old statistics of the year 2017, a good SEO strategy can offer a conversion rate of 14.6%. On average, digital marketing tactics can offer about a 20% conversion rate. But the ups and downs in the rate can happen due to several factors such as the industry to which you belong, the quality of the content on the website, the number of pages that are there on the website, the number of landing pages there on the website, and others.

  • Customer trust

Today, a lot of people know about the term SEO and the practice of it. An SEO expert is aware that a search engine ranks those websites on the top with quality content and has secured features. Thus, when a website is ranked on the top of the search engine, the customers already have that the brand can be trusted. Of course, you have to ensure you maintain the quality of the content, navigation, and other factors on the website.

Disadvantages of SEO

Most people are quite aware of the benefits of doing SEO with proper tactics by now. But there are also some negative sides, knowing which can have a major impact on your decision-making. Some of that you should have a look at are mentioned here.

  • Takes more time

A major disadvantage of SEO is that it takes up a pretty high amount of time to show up results. Even Google has mentioned that SEO companies can take up as much as 4 to 12 months to show their clients results. If you are thinking for some magic to happen overnight, SEO is not the right search engine process takes up a pretty long time in indexing the content on your website based on which it ranks the website. Also, there are several other factors that the search engine may consider for the purpose. Thus, the SEO experts also cannot claim clearly about the time required for getting the results.

  • High Competition in Search Engines

If you are on the topmost ranking today, you might see yourself 8 positions down a few days after. This can happen because some new companies may have used trendy SEO techniques to rise the hill, pushing you down. So, the mantra is not to lose focus. The competition is very high, and everyone is trying out different SEO techniques to top the search engine list. You have to keep on investing if you wish to see your website always on the top.

  • Algorithm changes

One of the major points that an SEO expert gets scared of is the changing of Algorithms. As the competition is evolving, customers look forward to having even better results in terms of accuracy when looking for something. To offer such convenience, Google keeps on updating its algorithm from time to time. Though the changing algorithms can be of great advantage for the business owner, it can damage your reputation on the search engine.

It can happen that with the change in the algorithm your ranking may drop down to several positions from the first rank. Now, again you have to use several techniques to get back the hold of your position.

  • Results not guaranteed

With several factors such as changing Google algorithms and high competition, it is quite difficult to predict whether you can secure a safe position on the search engine forever or not. A genuine SEO person will never offer you fake promises about giving you a guaranteed result as they are also aware that SEO cannot offer you results with a guarantee.

  • Penalties

As mentioned earlier, Google changes their algorithms from time to time. If you are not upgrading your website based on the changing algorithms, Google can penalize you. So, you have to invest continuously in the SEO of your website. On top of that, if the website is not following Google’s algorithms, they can penalize you too.

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To get better visibility on your website, taking help from the right SEO expert in Delhi is the best alternative today. While you can always take help from SEO experts, it is always a great idea to know SEO’s pitfalls to keep yourself protected from them. Though SEO may come up with some cons, SEO has always proven that its pros have overpowered its cons. Also, an experienced SEO professional is always aware of making the most SEO techniques to offer you potential results without letting the cons impact your website’s visibility.



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