How Long It Take To Rank A Website With SEO ?

How long can you rank my website on Google? It is the most common question asked by people who are investing in SEO services. Ranking on a search engine is not an overnight job, especially for small business with no online presence.

According to research, the average time a new website takes to rank on Google through search engine optimisation methods is around 3 months to 6 months. Depending upon the competitiveness in your industry and keywords used, it can take up a minimum of 3 months to rank a website.

It is a controversial topic among SEO experts. Every business who are opting for SEO services is itching to get on top of the search engine. SEO is a slow process and take time to show results; therefore patience is the key to success. Having a unique new website doesn’t get you on top of the search engine. To rank on the top of Google, SEO experts will perform many tasks like keyword research, off-page optimisation, on-page optimisation, and content creation.

How SEO rank your website?

There is no formula used by experts to rank a website, it all comes down to hard work and right techniques. However, there are many key ranking factors that are used by Google to rank sites.

  • Old websites vs new websites

Older websites that have been around from long are considered more trustworthy by Google rather than a new website. Therefore, the old website will be ranked much faster than the new sites that are just build. A website is perceived as new if it has been active on Google for less than six months.

  • Clean Domain

The clean domain websites are those which has not been penalised by Google or other search engines. Google penalise sites who try to cheat the search engine by using black hat SEO techniques like link spamming, buying inbound links, keyword stuffing, etc., which affects the ranking negatively. SEO companies can fix the penalised website, but it takes some time and is a difficult process.

  • Keyword popularity

Ranking on the keywords that are popular or highly competitive is unlikely to get you far. You have to be selective of your keyword and choose those keywords with low competition on them that also fit your niche. These keywords are more likely will give you a positive result.  You can get high traffic form low competitive keywords, which is an excellent way to get more organic traffic.

  • Content format

Another important ranking factor of Google is content which will determine how quickly you get ranked. Optimise you’re content using the keywords of your website and create user-friendly content. It will get the other web pages of your site to rank.

  • Use SEO optimised titles

SEO optimisation services make use of SEO optimised titles to rank a website on the top. SEO optimised title means that using keywords on the website title that are likely to get ranked faster than sites that hasn’t done the same. It is an essential SEO technique for small business in order to get first page rankings

So I hope you got an idea of how long a website takes to rank on Google. If you’re preparing for your next interview preparation you must check out digital marketing interview questions. And if you’ve any query related to digital marketing you can reach out to me.

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