12 SEO Techniques To Rank Website Faster in 2021

12 SEO Techniques To Rank Website Faster in 2021

What are the best SEO tips which will work for my website? It is the most common question asked by many website owners across the world. There is so much competition in SEO companies selling search engine optimization services. There are numerous agencies that are working for their customers around the world. 

Plenty of such companies like to employ SEO agency to build a brand reputation over the web and derive more traffic on the site. In addition, these SEO companies have various experts working with them that make their work a state-of-the-art facility.

According to Neil Patel, search engine optimisation is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing for any small business website that have a low marketing budget. For a small business, adds are out of budget but still, you are performing some basic and simple SEO to get traffic for your website.

Over the years, a lot has changed with search engine optimisation. But the basic principles have remained the same. For example, targeting specific keywords of business with the intention of enhancing search engine rankings, no longer works. But keywords are still the most important part of SEO.

With so many SEO techniques, many website owners don’t know what works best and become impossible to determine which tactic to stick with. Is link-building no longer a part of SEO? How much time you should devote to on-page optimisation? So, let’s check out the best SEO techniques to rank a website faster in 2021.

  • Website audit

Auditing a website tells why your website isn’t ranking high and getting organic traffic. An audit is overall checking the site for various errors that acts as a hindrance to full website performance.

After running an audit and based on finding, you can set new goals and implement strategies to reach those goals. In an audit, you may find missing or broken links, poorly optimized Meta titles and descriptions, and so on, which is easy to overlook while creating a website. These errors can be quickly fixed with an audit. 

  • Search engine friendly URLs

If search engines and users cannot read or understand your URL, then low rankings cannot be avoided.

For example – www.abc.com/10-best-SEO-Tips-For-Every-Website-Owner

The above URL is long but is understandable by users as well as search engines. There are no characters and unintelligent numbers and dashes. 

If you happen to come across something like this – www.abc.com/blog/348882/

It is definitely not understandable to us. Since search engines follow users, it’s better to stay away from unclear URLs. Brian Clark once compared Google bots to infants, who need to be spoon-fed. And, of course, he’s right. So, make sure to create a memorable URLs structure, which is user and search engine friendly.

  • Remove anything that slows your website down

A few years ago, you could easily get away with slow websites without any consequences. Can remember a time when you had to wait for 2 – 3 minutes before a site fully loaded in a browser. I’m sure you can relate to that.

It was not a good experience for anyone, but in today’s market, it means a death sentence for a site. A slow web page can frustrate people and ultimately discourage them to visit your site again. Also, a slow website is a sign of unreliability. You will lose your SERPs, regardless of high-quality content and website design.

So, it’s time to get rid of all the elements like plugins, modules, large-size images, and so on, that is slowing your website. Declutter your menu bars and place necessary widgets only.

  •  Put links to other websites

Many people think that linking your content to other websites is bad as it takes readers of your site. Link building remains a fundamental part of SEO strategy. In this technique, you get more authoritative inbound links from reputable websites. Link out to those content pages that offer value. It’s a great SEO practice for new websites.

You can also notify top names in your industry when you link out to them. If your content is of good quality, they can link back to you, or even share your post.

  • Write content for your readers, then search engine

SEO articles and blogs are a really important part of the SEO marketing strategy and social media management. You should know that search engine optimization starts and ends with quality content. Since Google has made quality and fresh content a necessity to attain a higher ranking on SERPs, SEO expert cannot implement a good optimization strategy without quality content for your business. 

But many bloggers only write for search engines in order to manipulate search engine rankings. Don’t prioritize Google over the people reading your work. Write content for the readers, people who have eyes to read and make a decision to opt for your product or service. They are the ones who spend money on your product or service and become your loyal customers.

 Forget about search engines when you are creating content for your website. Instead, write something that helps readers. If readers find your content helpful, search engines will also reward you. The search engine follows people, not the other way around.

  • Web Analytics

After knowing your SEO objectives, you need to track which SEO campaign is working and which is not. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other software can help you track the outcomes of your campaigns.

You need to have a web analytics tool in place before you start with your search engine optimization.

  • Unique Meta description for every web page

Writing a unique Meta description is one of the most effective SEO technique, but sadly avoided by many SEO marketers. It is something that shows below the link of a website when Google serves up the search engine results.

A well-crafted and unique Meta description not only tells users about your web page but also search engines. Google doesn’t like copy content. So, writing something original, which has not been published anywhere, is essential. Also, duplicate content on Meta description can get you in some serious trouble.

If you write content from other websites, there are chances of your site being penalized. Low rankings and bad user-experience are other disadvantages you cannot ignore. You cannot have the same Meta description for every web page. It is because every page on your site has different stories.

  • Use keywords in your images

Another necessary SEO tip that is ignored by many digital marketers is using keywords in images published on a site. Now, Google has dedicated a section to image search. Same as website searching, when a user looks for images, he/she uses keywords.

For this reason, you should put the right keywords in your images ALT Title, descriptions, and tags. Stay away from keyword stuffing. Always remember that in SEO, relevance is more imperative than creativity.

  •  Build quality backlinks 

Backlinks, as the name suggests, are the links that point back to your website. It is one of the best ways to increase your domain authority and, in turn, the ranking of your website. This also affects the online reputation of a site in the eyes of Google. In order to gain a high position on search engines, build high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

Inbound links are the second most necessary factor taken into account by Google in order to rank a website. From the start of creating your SEO strategy, you should focus on link building. 

SEO expert analyses the backlinks of competitors and build the links on your site where it can be beneficial for your business. They check the domain and page authority building the links. A high domain and page authority website are advantages to improving your search engine rankings in a short period of time as some of its authority is transferred to your website. Google will start to trust your site more and hence, place it in a high position on SERPs.

After the introduction of Google Algorithms update Penguin, link building strategies have changed. In 2021, it is imperative to have backlinks for the other web pages rather than the home page of your website only. There are various ways in which you can build backlinks for your website. Article submission on high authority sites, widget/gadgets development, link baiting, and guest posting. 

  •  Make your post more readable

 Next to the SEO technique to rank faster on search engines is to make your content more readable. Not everyone who visits your website leads your content line by line. Readers will scan the whole content for relevant information. So, you have to make your copy more compelling and neater. For this, you can –

  • Use strong and impactful headlines
  • Use subheading to separate your content into small sections
  • You can also use bullet points and numbers
  • Make your paragraphs small
  • Make the best use of white space


  •  Voice search 

Since Google burst on the market with their famous white homepage, their search input box and their search result page, search has become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, to the point that we don’t even think about it anymore, especially now when using voice search.   

From its humble beginnings of getting a raw list of results, there have been significant improvements in how the answers to our questions are made available to us: instant search, on-the-go results, local based results, history-based results, images and video, rich answers, content previews, top-featured result We’ve seen a long list of improvements in the way results have been displayed and brought back to customers.
First of all, to optimize for voice search, start by identifying the most commonly searched terms. Analytics integration is important for that first step, as you will then need to optimize your website for them.

A good way to adapt your content is to ensure you include the most searched questions and a direct answer to them somewhere on your website content (why not in your FAQ section if you have one).

  •  Find what your competitors are doing (competitive analysis)

Another part of a successful SEO campaign is keeping an eye on your competitors. Find out what keywords they are using to optimize their website and monitor their rankings. Do it on a weekly basis. 

Do not copy their whole strategy; rather, find in what unique way you can optimize your site to get ahead of them. You can identify your competition by use of various SEO tools available in the market. Create a list of top 5 rivals and analyse them on the basis of their domain authority, page authority, citation flow, rankings on Google for every keyword, and trust flow.

Note the rank of each of their keywords and see which ones are on the first page of Google. Now analyse them and find out what strategies are working for them. Find out on what websites they post their content or appear on and what type of content they are publishing. Know their backlinks strategy and use them to your advantage. Use all of these activities, which will help to rank higher in the SERPs.


These 12 SEO tips are applicable to every website owner. With these tips, you will surely see a boost in your rankings and search engine traffic. If you have any queries, feel free to leave that in the comment section below. 

The top SEO expert in India uses the following techniques to increase the ranking as well as the traffic of your site. Therefore, it is necessary for any business to hire an SEO professional in order to maximize the potential of your website and reach your target audience.

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